Detail: VW Scirocco R, Black Magic Pearl. Full Write Up

Hello all and thanks for taking time to read another write up. Sorry for the lack of them recently but things have been absolutely manic at OCD-ni and Orchard Autocare recently. This is a detail that we carried out at the start of the year. Once again a big thanks to Mark for his help…

This week’s customer in dire need of some TLC was a brand new Volkswagen Sirocco R that was delivered to us from the dealership for an inspection and booked in 4 weeks later to get the damage rectified. In that time the car was not washed so this is how he received the car. The car was covered in swirl marks but it was only when we stripped all the cover-up polish that the full extent of what can only be called a botch-up was uncovered. Now let’s not have any low blows here, this is not some independent or a small franchise or a private owner who does not know how to look after their car. This is the largest VW dealership in Northern Ireland and this is deemed an acceptable level of finish by both them and VW!!!! To prepare cars quicker they have installed a rotary brush wash to clean cars and the value per car for new car prep is less than an average take a way. We have about 20 more write ups coming from the same dealership so stay tuned.

Anyhow the car in question is a 2012 Sirocco R in Black Magic Pearl and to be honest the owner though the car was solid black the flake was totally dead with buffer trails and deep swirling covering the entire car. Other than that it was in good condition.

On arrival the car was washed and decontaminated. It was then stripped of any remaining protection to see what exactly we were dealing with.

Swirling everywhere and deep RDS.

Buffer trails galore!

Firstly before we could start the evening before the car was delivered, it picked up a nasty door dent when parked in a carpark so “THE DUDE” was called to save the day. Some say he can remove a dent simply by thinking about it but all we know is he’s called “THE DUDE”!

Thanks to superior build quality, the door panel had to be stripped and it was a right pain to access it but he got there.



Onto correction:
For this, we corrected the car with Maguire’s Microfibre system by DA then refined using Maguire’s 105 on a 3M yellow pad stepping down to Maguire’s 205 on 3m yellow then blue pads.

Once correction was complete on each panel it was wiped down with IPA to ensure all marks that could be removed were removed, tehn it was refined and finished to give a deep reflection and maximise the “pop” from the metal flake. For LSP of choice, we used
Zaino Z2 Pro with Z6 between each coat.
Then the car was finished with Orchard Autocare Perfection on all surfaces including glass paint and trim.
Tyres were dressed with Zaino Z16 (4 coats).
The engine bay was dressed with Aerospace 303.
Exhausts were polished and sealed using Orchard Autocare Metal restore.
Wheels Sealed usining several coats of Zaino Z2 and then Zaino Clear Seal.

Now onto the afters!

Many thanks for taking time to read our thread and I hope u liked it. As usual all C&C are more than welcome.